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South Africa Travel diary: season 2 - prologue

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Back from a long journey in South Africa, next week we will be offering you the first episode of a new travel diary and share some of the dazzling time we spent there in a country that may become one day our adoptive country.

Before we left, we had made some contacts with various comrades, members of the NPA and of the Fourth International in order to be able to meet militants engaged in their social, environmental and agricultural daily fights.

It is through these contacts that we have been able to deepen our knowledge of a country so complex and so interesting. We restrained ourselves to two or three regions that we either did know well or not at all and we hope to be able to make you share some of our unforgettable moments we had.

Visite d’une ferme de maraîchage. Reinette au milieu.

The people we were lucky to meet there opened up a new dimension in our understanding of the country, and encouraged us to develop future exchanges between our rural region and some of the countryside regions we visited.

As resolute internationalists, we have been able once more to note the fights taking place there are also of our own concern: against extractivism, productivism, wealth sharing, racism, police violence, power confiscated by an oligarchy.

Of course we also took advantage of our long journey to get back into shape and recharge our batteries in the middle of these unforgettable landscapes where Nature has not yet given in to some of the stupidities of the modern world.
À bientôt,

François et Marc

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